Big Data and the Integration Challenge

If you’re a retailer today, chances are you know more about your customers than ever before. You are probably sitting on top of a mountain of customer transaction records, customer satisfaction scores, call center logs, social media chatter, and many other types of customer insight. Now, you’ve started adding real-time customer feedback into the mix, and all of a sudden, you feel you’re drowning in customer intelligence. After all, they don’t call it big data for nothing!

With so many diverse streams of customer insight pouring in, it can be next to impossible to sift through this overwhelming mass of data and get right to the golden nuggets of actionable insight you need to boost sales and grow customer loyalty. In a retail environment, there is such a thing as data overload, and when you succumb to it, you miss out on valuable information that can help you gain a competitive edge for your brand.

That’s why Agility Metrics has spent so much time building a seamless mechanism for integrating customer feedback into your pre-existing data sets. Whether we’re talking POS, CRM, ERP, or Social CRM systems, Agility Metrics can mesh those sources of customer insight together with real-time feedback from all channels. This eliminates untold hours of painstaking analytical work and lets you zero in on the actionable insights you need to keep on delivering remarkable customer experiences.

With other Customer Experience Management vendors, feedback is locked in its own reporting silo, and you’re left in the dark about the true business impact of a positive or negative customer experience. But with Agility Metrics, you can rapidly mesh experiential feedback with rich customer profiles, allowing you to immediately see what’s truly at stake in terms of customer value.

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