Upcoming webinar: Measuring Customer Experiences in the Automotive Aftermarket

It’s an age old question in the automotive aftermarket. What drives more revenue: great advertising or great customer experiences? On May 23rd at 1pm, Agility Metrics will put this question to rest once and for all.

In this exclusive webinar, Agility Metrics will reveal how great customer experiences influence as many as 80% of all purchasing decisions in the automotive aftermarket. The data is clear and unequivocal: brands who invest in managing the customer experience always win out over brands who neglect it.

But you can’t manage what you can’t measure, so¬†Agility Metrics will also highlight best practices for measuring customer experience excellence in parts stores or service centers. Armed with these best practices, aftermarket automotive operators will be empowered to drive higher satisfaction, stronger loyalty, and greater customer lifetime value.

If you work in the automotive aftermarket and you have a stake in the customer experience, then this webinar will be a great learning opportunity for you. To sign up, just click on the link below and follow the easy instructions to confirm your participation.

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